Mcvoy P. Avatar
Mcvoy P.

Until a year ago, I had been struggling with migraines and TMJ paint that was interfering with my everyday life. Years of optical and dental efforts failed to correct the problem. Since then, Dr. Sundberg was able to keep those migraines and jaw pain away! AFFORDABLE, QUALITY, and PROFESSIONAL.

priscilla h. Avatar
priscilla h.

Dr. Josh Sundberg has been my husband’s & my Chiropractor for some time. He is an amazing Doctor possessing great skill, compassion, & kindness. He’s helped us immeasurably & we both highly recommend Dr. Josh Sundberg to any family looking for competent, successful healthcare results.

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Hamlin.

deja h. Avatar
deja h.

The Sundberg Brothers are the best. In all aspects; the care, the treatments, and the customer service. Recommend to EVERYONE

Matt J. Avatar
Matt J.

Dr. Sundburg is great at what he does! I have been going to him for over 3 years now and he is always able to get me back to feeling my best. I now live in California, but still make it a point to stop by for an adjustment any time I’m in the area. I highly recommend Sundburg Family Chiropractor.

Alexandra B. Avatar
Alexandra B.

Dr. Josh is very helpful, his services are quick, and appointment times are flexible. I've seen a diverse patient range in the waiting room and everyone seems to like Dr. Josh. I rarely have to wait and sometimes Dr. Josh's dog is in the waiting room!