Michelle W. Avatar
Michelle W.

I have had a wonderful healing experience with Dr. Josh, who I was refereed to by my husband which has had great success with him as well. I should have done this years ago. Feeling apprehensive, he has completely put me at ease, and the results have been truly amazing . I am very happy with his service, and I trust him.

Matt J. Avatar
Matt J.

Dr. Sundburg is great at what he does! I have been going to him for over 3 years now and he is always able to get me back to feeling my best. I now live in California, but still make it a point to stop by for an adjustment any time I’m in the area. I highly recommend Sundburg Family Chiropractor.

Sheila S. Avatar
Sheila S.

In just two weeks my discomfort level improved, and I feel good about my progress. Dr. Joshua Sundberg is very knowledgeable in health and nutrition. He’s caring and most importantly listens to my concerns and give helpful advice.

deja h. Avatar
deja h.

The Sundberg Brothers are the best. In all aspects; the care, the treatments, and the customer service. Recommend to EVERYONE

Ruben G. Avatar
Ruben G.

Very friendly environment. They answered any question that I had. I saw a significant difference in my posture. I used to have constant pains in my neck and shoulder. My legs were kind of bowed out and within the 3rd week there, I noticed that my legs starting to straighten out. I'm very happy with the results.