Alexandra B. Avatar
Alexandra B.

Dr. Josh is very helpful, his services are quick, and appointment times are flexible. I've seen a diverse patient range in the waiting room and everyone seems to like Dr. Josh. I rarely have to wait and sometimes Dr. Josh's dog is in the waiting room!

Snow505 R. Avatar
Snow505 R.

Best Chiropractors EVER! Dr. Josh is amazing and knows exactly what he is doing. He answers any questions you may have and give recommendations. He is the best; I highly recommend him.

Ruben G. Avatar
Ruben G.

Very friendly environment. They answered any question that I had. I saw a significant difference in my posture. I used to have constant pains in my neck and shoulder. My legs were kind of bowed out and within the 3rd week there, I noticed that my legs starting to straighten out. I'm very happy with the results.

deja h. Avatar
deja h.

The Sundberg Brothers are the best. In all aspects; the care, the treatments, and the customer service. Recommend to EVERYONE

kelly g. Avatar
kelly g.

Both doctors are great, they were able to provide me relief on my bunion!